Flexible and stylish-pharmacist R.Hannosh

Flexible and stylish-pharmacist R.Hannosh

Wether you are an athlete or not, joggers are arguably the number one choice of pants worn by nurses and health care professional all over the globe.

If you are a nurse at a hospital, your occupation requires a lot of running around, literally. It is a constant marathon. Your step count on your smart watch is probably ranging on average between 10 to 15 thousand steps a day and it wouldn’t be abnormal to see it go beyond that. Ultimately, your job as a nurse can be physically demanding but with comfort and flexibility, just like what athletes prefer when it comes to their wardrobe, our MILA scrub jogger pants provide just that- breathable, flexible comfort with a dash of style, giving your legs what they need to perform at high demand.

Our scrubs also protect you from germs and bodily fluids, which is a common concern and a very important point of emphasis when it comes to protecting yourself while working in the medical field. Our scrubs are made from quick dry water resistant material. They are also comfortable, well-fitting and aesthetically pleasing. So much so that you can wear them as lounge wear or the gym.

My personal favorite is they are hospital chic to gym T-I-M-E in no time. Less things to carry and less things to wash.

Flexibility -
These joggers are practically pajamas. But they look way more professional. Joggers are a pant style that combines comfort and flexibility. These pants feature a drawstring waist, a tapered leg and fitted ankle cuffs. The joggers have many pockets for the healthcare worker who needs pens, tissues, calculator, phone, pager, snacks. You name it. Having the feeling that you are prepared is a good feeling.

Here at MILA we only sell tops and bottoms as a set. But the bottoms can be paired with a company tshirt or a tank for the gym. The cuff gives it a very clean look for whatever shoe you choose to wear in the work place.
Which ever color or style you choose none of these joggers will get you down. They are all really amazing

Ok so let’s get to the great part. These pants are just flattering. No matter your body type you can look great. High waisted and tapered at the bottom.
As a healthcare worker, scrubs are your staple, so they should be durable but also affordable.

When I started at Kaiser I began to think of all the women who don’t make a ton of money but still deserve to enjoy the luxury of couture scrubs. Be able to enjoy their work day by feeling great inside and out. But without breaking the bank just to do that. One of my goals here at MILA is to allow interns and students to be able to purchase beautiful scrubs for interviews and rotations to make a great impression without having to eat Ramen everyday. 

Also the health care Heros that aren’t getting paid top dollar but work hard and help others can’t afford the high end scrubs. They deserve to feel good and be confident in looking professional at a quarter of the cost from other companies.

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